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Welcome to our best gold ira companies review.

You’ve saved and invested your whole life. You deserve to take it easy and enjoy your retirement without worrying about money. Why can’t your best years be ahead of you?

It’s time to protect your retirement nest egg and “insure” against stock market downturns and volatility by picking the best gold IRA company to partner with.

Wouldn’t it be great to work with a gold IRA investment company that you know you can trust? One that has your best interests at heart? One with a proven track record of excellence in working with investors like you?

Be encouraged. There are responsive, trust-worthy, high-caliber companies out there.

We dug deep into all these companies. We spoke with their teams. We've read hundreds of their customer reviews. Scoured their websites and those of third party industry watch dogs to look for dirty laundry. 

Point is...we're showing you the cream of the crop in a VERY competitive industry.

We’ve provided this guide to help you select the best gold IRA company for your needs. Here’s what’s coming:

Key attributes to look for when considering gold and precious metal IRA company contenders

One gold IRA company that qualifies as “Highly Recommended and a close second we can also comfortably recommend.

Answers to most frequently asked questions about gold IRAs (including, “What IS a gold IRA?”)

A list of 13 additional gold IRA companies to consider.

A closing section with points about IRS rules that govern gold IRAs.

Look for These Key Attributes

When Choosing Your Gold IRA Company

Not every gold IRA company is the same. Services and fees differ, account minimums vary, and storage options change from company to company.

#1 Impeccable Customer Service

It doesn’t really need to be said that great customer service is important. Everyone wants that. But when it comes to your assets, you do want a company that’s responsive, addresses complaints quickly, and provides comprehensive service.

If you are researching a company yourself, look carefully at its customer reviews, especially the negative ones. Check to see if the company responds to poor reviews and rectifies issues.

You may end up going with that company based upon how it resolves client problems. No company is perfect. 

The swift, responsible handling of complaints speaks volumes about a company’s integrity and its attitude about customer service.

#2 Flat Annual Fee Structure

We highly recommend choosing a company that charges flat annual fees. Avoid companies that impose scaled fees that increase as accounts grow in size.

-Better companies simply won’t do that.

Medium and large investors (individuals with $50,000+ accounts) and those who plan to grow their account sizes should especially look for companies with flat annual fee structures.

Also note companies that ship investors’ gold (or the cash equivalent) with no extra fees. Better companies provide this service free of charge.

#3 Stellar Reviews & Credentials

Look for established companies with solid reputations. The more positive reviews you can find, the better.

Equally as important as reviews are good ratings granted by authority bureaus such as Trustlink, the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA), and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Consider checking the Yellow Pages (YP) website, Complaint Board, and Yelp to see the feedback of previous clients.

Gold IRA accounts (like any IRA account) are regulated by the IRS, and gold IRA investment companies must be licensed to deal in gold and bullion services as well as manage IRS-approved retirement accounts.

Make sure the investment company you’re considering is licensed by the IRS.

#4 Efficiency and Delivery Time

Select a company with a reputation for handling account setups, contributions, rollovers, transfers, and distributions efficiently.

Reviews and ratings should reflect responsiveness, competence, and speed.

Better companies offer shipments of customers’ gold quickly and free of charge as a standard service.

You should be able to request delivery of your precious metals through a secure phone call or in an online request, and your assets should be able to be delivered quickly, from any storage vault in the world.

#5 Never Tolerate Pushy Salesmen or Unfriendly Customer Support

Choose a gold IRA company with a reputation for excellent customer care.

Reviews provided by existing and past clients help gauge the quality of a company’s service. 

Watch reviews for indications that company agents push customers to invest in coins or collectibles. With some exceptions, the IRS does not permit collectibles and coins in gold IRA accounts.

Regard as a red flag the salesperson pushing you to purchase these. Move on to another company.

#6 Service, Service, Service After the Sale

Look carefully at reviews written by current and past clients to determine the quality of a company’s post-sale service.

Also look at the ratings given to a company by the industry authorities mentioned above (the Better Business Bureau, Trustlink, and the Business Consumer Alliance).

Post-sale service includes the facilitating of contributions, transfers, rollovers, and distributions. How does the company handle these?

Gold IRA Reviews: Our Top 2 Gold IRA Companies

If you’re looking for a gold IRA home, consider our top two recommendations: Goldco and Regal Assets. (Following the FAQ section below, you’ll find a list of 13 additional companies that are also good candidates.)

Goldco Review

More third-party consumer protection agencies trust this company than any other. The Better Business Bureau rates it with an A+ score; Trustlink gives it five stars; the Business Consumer Alliance grants it a Triple A.

Goldco describes itself as “a privately held firm specializing in wealth and asset protection.” It assists customers in protecting retirement savings by rolling over qualified retirement accounts, including traditional IRAS, 401(k)s, and 403(b)s, into “Gold & Silver” IRAs.

This company has earned a reputation for personalized, attentive customer care. Its new storage facility allows for segregated storage (your metals aren’t lumped in with everyone else’s; they’re kept separate). You can see your metals at any time.

Goldco Gold Facts and Figures:

Flat yearly fee: $175-225
The minimum is $25,000 for investment accounts ($3,000 minimum for precious metal purchases outside of retirement accounts)
Promotions are offered (at this writing, 5% back on metals for accounts over $50K)
Direct sales of precious metals, coins, and bullion are offered
Goldco’s website offers free informational resources, including videos and ebooks, plus a blog page with helpful articles
Goldco has 243 reviews on

Click here for full Goldco Company Review

Regal Assets Review

Regal Assets is an 11-year-old company ranked #20 in the U.S. by Inc 500 for financial services. Its startup vision was “to simplify, innovate, and rejuvenate the alternative assets investment landscape.” This company has enjoyed recognition by Forbes, Bloomberg,, The Huffington Post, MarketWatch, and SmartMoney.

Regal Assets offers six curated packages and portfolios in investment amounts ranging from $5,000 to $250,000. Each one is built to meet specific client needs. For example, the first-tier $5,000 Merchant Package is designed for the “individual looking for peace of mind and the immediate security of precious metals.”

Regal Assets Gold Facts and Figures:

Flat yearly fee: $250 regardless of account size with the first year free
The minimum investment amount is $10,000 for a gold IRA account
1,070 reviews on

Coins and bars are stored separately and are independently audited and verified
Accounts are fully insured for their total value
For direct purchase of precious metals, seven-day, guaranteed shipping is available
Metals may be sold back directly from storage at any time with the cash to you in 24 hours

Click here for full Regal Assets Company Review 

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FAQ About Investing in Gold &

Investing in Gold IRAs

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Are precious metals IRAs different from gold IRAs?

Should I consider home storage of gold or precious metals for my IRA?

Other Top Gold Investment Companies

While Goldco and Regal Assets get our nod as the top two gold IRA companies, the following companies are worthy contenders.

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Final Thoughts on Gold IRA Companies and Gold IRAs

IRS rules govern the establishment and maintenance of gold IRAs just as they do traditional IRAs. Keep this summary of gold IRA rules in mind.

  • To have a gold IRA, you must open it with an IRS-approved administrator who handles precious metals.
  • The gold and precious metals in your gold IRA must be stored in an IRS-approved vault.
  • Investors who take physical possession of the gold or precious metals in their gold IRAs must pay income tax on it.
  • The IRS limits 2020 gold IRA contributions to $6,000 per year ($7,000 for those age 50 and over). Visit the IRS site for updates on contribution limits.
  • Gold IRA investors must take distributions beginning at age 70.
  • Early withdrawals incur a 10% penalty, but there are some exceptions, including death, loss of employment, first-time home purchase, funding of family education, and hospitalization without means to pay.
  • Gold in a precious metals IRA must meet the minimum purity requirement of 24 carats or 0.995, as stipulated by the IRS.

The IRS does not permit gold IRA funds to be invested in collectibles such as coins (with some exceptions) or precious metals (with exceptions for certain kinds of bullion). Visit the IRS Investment FAQ page and the IRS Publication 590-A for more information on collectibles.

Thanks for reading our review of the 2 best gold IRA companies. We hope we've made your decision clearer. Contact Goldco today to get started. 

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